Video Clips
Our Video Clips on YouTube
These short video clips show the Electric Mandrel Spinner in action.
Shows a core bead being made

Building Two Cores
Shows speed and how easy it is to make multiple beads at once.

Dot Application
Shows stop and go dot placement.

Melting In Dots
Shows even heating and how steady spinning can keep fluid glass under control.
Quick and easy spacers. Multiples!! Helps to increase your sales by making your sets go further.

Removing the Mandrel
Shows how to remove your mandrel from the EMS-2.

Inserting the Mandrel
How to insert mandrels.
Speed Control
Shows my preferred technique for speed and position control. This is an older video. The new models have a rubber clutch that you grip where you see Scott's finger coming together here. The rheostat dial on your power box will control your "set" spinning rate.

Power Marvering
Two examples of "power marvering."

Color Mixing
Shows how well the tool will help you to mix colors.
Shows stringer application.