Lampwork Vessel Pendants


  My Vessel Pendants are made to accommodate being used for aroma therapy or perfume (not for storage).  Just dip the topper-wand in your favorite essential oil and replace it in the vessel.  Now you can now wear a scent if you wish and then take it off because it is not on your skin or clothes!

The neck and the constricted area In the middle are perfect for wire wrapping, but I also added two drilled holes for convenient stringing and that's how I've used it here.  You can see that in the pictures.  So, use your imagination and one of the several options available to you to make this set into your own piece of art or jewelry.


VPS - 120 Amber Lampwork Vessel Pendant SetVPS - 120 Amber Lampwork Vessel Pendant Set
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VPS - 120 Amber Lampwork Vessel Pendant Set

34x24mm, 44mm with topper
Lip 14mm, Neck 8mm
Accents range from 6x12mm - 4x6mm
138mm total length of set
Depth 25mm

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