Scott Bouwens has been making lampwork beads since 1998. He has been selling them full-time since the year 2000. Scott is a lampwork bead-maker, tool-maker, videographer, and photographer.  His glasswork and tools have been featured in various books and magazines. He uses Effetre and Vetrofond glass and is known for the colors he creates from using fine silver leaf in his beads. He sells his work at bead shows around the USA and also sells from his website and eBay.  Scott studied Landscape Design and Communications at Washington State University in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Since then he has had a business of designing custom fiberglass water features, dabbled in construction, and was a Union Carpenter. He is an inventor/hobbyist at heart and is always tinkering with new ideas. His love of science and art come together nicely for him in this field.

Artist Statement:  Scott Bouwens

“I am an inventor/hobbyist at heart and have always enjoyed tinkering with new ideas. As a child I used to take apart my toys or equipment and then put them back together.  I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how things work. My love of science, outer space (seen in my Space Gems and Galaxy Beads), and art come together nicely for me in this field.  I have a theory on the formation of the moon and some of it can be demonstrated while I am making beads.  Curious?  Just ask…I’d love to tell you about it.”   –Scott Bouwens