12/03/07   An honor for Monica!  Woo Hoo!  She has been chosen to be in a publication called Best of America Jewelry.  Kennedy Publishing does a series of books on artists in all fields.  They do Best of "States" books and Best of America books.  Examples are Best of America Woodworking, Best of America Pottery, and so on.  Monica had two of her jewelry pieces chosen to be in this book.  You can click on the photo of the book cover if you want to go to their site and learn more about the books or order one.

  07/07/07   Scott was  accepted as one of ten finalists in the Bead Dreams competition sponsored by the Bead and Button Show.  The category he entered was of course Handmade Beads.  We entered a set of five of his huge fossil cylinder beads.  The final judging will happen just before the show opens in Milwaukee in early June.  We have a booth at that show....Booth 1218.  His entry will be displayed  with the other finalists at the show in a the display cases in the middle of the show floor.  Way to go Scott!   Click here to see photos from the show.

    I (Monica) was accepted into this exhibit.  I am thrilled!!  It will show at two galleries during the time of the Glass Art Society conference and during the ISGB Gathering.
Metamorphosis: The Life Cycle of a Glass a contemporary glass bead exhibit that showcases innovative works by 44 artisans from the United States, Japan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.  The metamorphosis of a glass bead from its own creation to inclusion into a piece of fine art, engages the viewer and makes us challenge our ideas of glass beads and their intrinsic value.
Here is my entry.   I used one of Scott Beads as a Focal.
"Trajectories"... An Exhibit of Contemporary Glass Beadmakers sponsored by The Bead Museum in Glendale, Arizona and The International Society of Glassbeadmakers. Scott is one of the 50 or so artists chosen to be a part of the exhibit.
Click here for more info. The show started on Sept. 15th in Glendale, Arizona and will then travel around the country. This is the catalog pictured below. Scott's bead is the one on the far right (the long cylinder). It is on the first page and it's not even in alphabetical order! Congratulations Scott!


The Bead Release is a quarterly publication of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and is distributed to all ISGB members.
Issue Fall 2005....has a nice article written by Katherine Wadsworth, the Bead Release Editor. It is called Innovation in Tools....The Amazing Electric Mandrel Spinner from Bearfoot Art.

click here if you want to go order this back issue

Scott learned how to make beads from Cindy's first book....Making Glass Beads and now has some of his work and a technique shared in her book....Beads of Glass. He shares a zig zag technique and his dragon is featured on page 16. This is a great book. The first part has group gallery photos, like the pages with the dragon on it. The next section features highlighted artists, and the third section shows techniques.
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Scott and I both had some work featured in the gallery pages in Bead Unique Magazine. Scott made that purple/white glass jar and I decorated a cork to go in it. I also used some of Scott's beads and created the multi-strand necklace you see on the top of the page.
click here if you want to go buy this back issue..Issue #2
I was  asked by Craft's Report Magazine to submit a 100 word statement for their marketing section for artists called "Insight". Each month they feature a different craft in this section. This time it was Beads/Beadwork. The photo is a necklace that I have made with Scott's beads. This is the April 2006 issue.
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Scott was invited to send in an image and text to Lapidary Journal introducting his Electric Mandrel Spinner. It was shown in the Facets section of a special Tools issue back in July of 2005. The photo shows an earlier model.
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We submitted some of Scott's work to Corina's Spotlight On...Beads for the Inner Child and a couple of his critters were chosen. The little blue guy you see below on the top right of the image....Just his. We call these little guys "Friendies". The dragon below is Scott's as well.
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We also submitted information and pictures to Corina's Spotlight On...Silver. Scott uses silver leaf in most of his beads and wrote a nice article on Color Progression.
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In 2005, we were asked by the editor of Glass Magazine to submit an article about Scott and his new line of tools. The article is featured in the October/November issue.
click here to see if back issues are available

In the Spring of 2006, a new book by Brad Pearson and Deanna Griffin Dove was published....Bead Review 2005. We had submitted images and one of Scott's beads had been accepted. When we received our copy, we were very honored to see that Scott's bead was the one they had chosen to us on the chapter heading page "Artistic Excellence".
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Scott's Beads were used in this necklace made by Lauren Shadden in a how-to in the August 2004 issue of Bead and Button Magazine.
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