#801105 Pedestal Mounted End Marver

All Marvers by Bearfoot Tools are made of lightweight graphite that will not stick to hot glass. The Pedestal Mounted End Marver measures 5½” tall with a 25lb magnet at the base of the pedestal to provide secure, hands-free marvering while flameworking.  
The Pedestal Mounted End Marver has a  4 1/2" x 1 3/4" graphic base. This base is fitted in the center with a graphite post that extends  1“ above the base. A tungsten marvering pin in front of the post provides additional marvering possibilities for marvering the sides and end of bead simultaneously for faster wobble correction with reliable results.


•  4 1/2" x 1 3/4" Graphite surface with 1" graphite post and tungsten carbide pin for simultaneous marvering of flamework beads.
•  Graphite plate is positioned at a perfect level for flameworking.
•  Save time and energy marvering two sides at once.

 **Note** Please note that there is currently a wait time of approximately 3 weeks for all Bearfoot Tools when ordering.


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