Original My Steady Boom
The Original My Steady Boom 

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    This will be changing
 very soon as I am now "Live" with my Kickstarter Project.  There are a few Made to order units still available through this website.  However, once they are gone your only option will be to back the Kickstarter or wait till it is complete and I am in regular production.

  The Kickstarter project is intended to help me start the first production run, complete with the packaging necessary to bring My Steady Boom to a wider marketplace.       

  Those who get the last of the "Made to Order" units will get their My Steady Boom in time for this Chrismas, but that window of oportunity is closing fast.  I might announce that there are no more available for this year at any time! 

My Steady Boom with iPhone5 & 5s case
The Original and Only Steady Boom
  This is the basic package and items are added to it to create the My Steady Boom that best fits your needs.  It inclues the Boom, Counterweight, and the adjustable Sliding Handle.   It can be used with a wide variety of todays lightweight yet powerful cameras, and it can extend your reach by up to 5 feet. The Boom has an adjustable ball joint with a standard 1/4" male fitting ready to receive your camera or Smartphone holder.
** NOTE- Made to order - Allow 5-7 weeks for delivery.  iPhone case and lenses are not included **

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